Principal Desk

Dr. Pravesh G. Yadav


M. Tech.(Electronics & Communication Engineering), Ph. D. (Electronics Engineering)

Principal Message

Our vision is to impart quality education for all that would enable students to contribute their knowledge for industrial development, technological revolution and economic growth of the nation with global insight.

We are committed to provide competent technical education to build students career with great aspiration and inspiration.

Our motto is to develop students’ future prospective and assist them to build their own confidence and right approach towards learning process. We take care of each individual to participate in the process of making students’ career through various career development programs. Our Committed faculty and competent staff aims to provide an excellent platform for enhancing student's knowledge based skills and personality to accept the challenges and changes in industrial and corporate world.

We take efforts to provide at most exposure to students to imbibe new skills by inculcating values of hard work. We are sure that our students will create their own place in the society and sustain preserve their own existence. IT is platform for students to gain knowledge and aspire for the bright future. We believe that our students always strive for excellence to reach up to the pinnacle of success.